• <p>Can Altay, <em>Barricade (COHAB),</em> 2011, c-print mounted on aluminum, 59 x 84 cm</p>

    Can Altay, Barricade (COHAB), 2011, c-print mounted on aluminum, 59 x 84 cm

Contemporary Istanbul - Art Initiatives - stand #LK709
Preview, November 21, Exhibition, November 22-25, 2012

Protocinema presents a new work, The Inventory of Can Altay (unfinished), 2012, at Contemporary Istanbul. Altay's work consists of a digital archive of his own works, including detailed documentation, specs, digitally available components, and process material, from 2001 thru today. The work, which will remain unfinished, is accompanied by an annual subscription to the inventory, with the inclusion of possible forthcoming works for the next nine years. The Inventory of Can Altay (unfinished), as presented on a computer screen placed on a table by the artist, addresses the collecting impulse within the context it is premiered, as well as the urge for re-writing one's own past and organizing one's own potential future.

Protocinema is a transnational experiment making nomadic exhibitions in New York and Istanbul, non profit with a hands-on Education Program, founded by Mari Spirito in 2011, with an incarnation as Itinerant / Protocinema in collaboration with Rose Lord.


Sanat Insisiyatifleri: Art Initiatives
November 2012