Sister Sylvester - WELCOME
Performers: Hatem Hadawe, Utku Kara, Kathryn Hamilton
Protocinema presents at Alt Bomonti, İstanbul

Sister Sylvester’s immersive performance Welcome examines shifting guest-host relationships between actors and audience members, with video and sculptural aspects, based on Jacques Derrida’s 1996 lectures on “radical hospitality,” “Step of Hospitality/No Hospitality” and “Foreigner Question.”

The performance seating is limited to 20 people. To reserve your ticket(s), please email As this event is not ticketed and free-of-charge, audience members are expected to bring small gifts (food, etc.), as if they are going over to a friend's house for dinner.

Sister Sylvester

Formed by director Kathryn Hamilton, Sister Sylvester is a New York-based company which uses reality and fiction together to create performances based in contemporary reality. Their work is concerned with power, how it is wielded within our society, and how language becomes a weapon in enforcing these hierarchies. They invite disruption, into both the performance and the process, and look for dissonance and difficulty in text, image and sound.