PROTODISPATCH launch with a special performance by Jordan Deal
Performance, screening & drinks
Thursday, November 17, 2022 - 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Francis Kite Club, NYC, 40 Ave C (aka 40 Loisaida Ave.) between 3rd and 4th Streets

Protocinema announces a New York launch for PROTODISPATCH featuring a performance and screening by artist Jordan Deal at Francis Kite Club on Thursday, November 17, 2022, between 6:30 and 8:30 pm. Deal will screen and perform alongside Primordial Supper, an intimate film of ancestral and spiritual memory and celebration which will mark the New York launch of Protodispatch and will be followed by a convivial gathering of friends and colleagues. Protodispatch is a new digital publication co-curated by Laura Raicovich and Mari Spirito, featuring artists’ personal perspectives on transcontinental concerns, filtered by where they are in the world. Come celebrate Protodispatch with us.

Published by the international nonprofit Protocinema, Protodispatch is available for free on the organization’s website, communication channels, and through publication partners including and Protodispatch launched first in İstanbul on September 14th with dispatches by Ximena Garrido/Ishmael Randal Weeks, Jorge González (with Angela Brown), Simone Leigh, Kenya (Robinson), and Tiffany Sia (with Emilie Sin Yi Choi and Chan Tze-Woon). All of the artists address topics relevant to their respective geographies that can resonate beyond their own locality.

Kindred to Protodispatch’s building-blocks, Jordan Deal’s Primordial Supper explores the roots of community, memory, and ancestral healing through the use of performance, audio relaying a conversation between the artist’s Grandmother (Mommom) and themselves, and a spiritual cleansing ritual using family photographs. “onward to offset” is a performance and screening blending Deal’s developing theory of CHAOS FORCE in the context of the site (land and embedded ancestral knowledge), gaze (the perception, interference, and surveillance of), and filters of language. Using the context of their grandmother’s voice in their film Primordial Supper, Deal will be asking how urban mythology, storytelling, and the way we place ourselves in space disrupts, redistributes, and questions self-agency, power, and authority. Their works looks at “how the memories and mythologies of the Black diaspora can be used as conduits of historical and cultural preservation, tracing its global footprint–disrupting Western colonial thought modes and deploying dreaming as channels for potentiality, non-linear modes of intercepting time and space, and celebration as resistance.

A project of celebration and resistance, Protodispatch germinates from Protocinema’s mission to support dialogue across cultures on equal footing. As intensity grows in many places due to urgent ecological crises, the rise of right-wing/conservative leadership, and enduring economic turbulence, Protocinema believes cultural workers must respond to these conditions with alternative ways of seeing and confronting entrenched problems. By presenting trusted information and viewpoints that are sometimes deeply personal, a network of interconnected individuals with a plurality of perspectives and resources can emerge. While physical mobility is limited due to the pandemic as well as concerns around the economy and sustainability, Protodispatch addresses the desire to stay connected and circulate ideas, using what is available to us to support mutual survival and shared joy.

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About Jordan Deal, ig: @jordandealart

About Francis Kite Club: FKC is a collectively built space created for sociality, leisure, collaboration, conversation, and play.

Protodispatch is supported by Annette Blum, Gabe Catone, Jane Hait, Justin Beal, Jane Lombard, Helen, and Peter Warwick.

Protocinema is supported by the United States Mission, Turkey, and Polat Piyalepaşa Çarşı, Istanbul. Board of Trustees: Defne Ayas, Dillon Cohen, David Howe, Jane Lombard, Ari Meşulam, Jason Heard and Sheldon La Pierre, Ayşe Umur; International Commissioning Committee: Haro Cümbüşyan and Bilge Öğüt, Adnan Yerebakan

image caption: Jordan Deal, video still from onward to offset, 2021