Curated by Asli Seven

Announcing Asli Seven as Curator of Protocinema 2021 Screening Tour. In alignment with its goal of expanding dialogue and improving mutual understanding between individuals and across regions, Protocinema programs an annual video-art screening with mission-aligned partners throughout the world. Protocinema Screening Tour brings the work of artists to new audiences, building new and stronger relationships between artists and cultural producers based in different parts of the world. This edition will reflect on built environments as "scapes" - landscape, seascape, mindscape - on multiple scales: human, cosmological and microbiological, emphasizing the multiplicity of worlds that coexist, end and begin at any given time. Emphasizing the semiotic agency of tools as sensory, cognitive and physical extensions of humans in fabricating the world we inhabit, we arrive at the question of whether our current world might be coming to an end, and what is to come?

Asli Seven is a writer and curator living and working between Istanbul and Paris. Her research and projects focus on infrastructural and intangible forms of violence embodied within landscape and built environment, with an emphasis on fieldwork and collaborative artistic processes.