New Typeface by İlayda Tunca

''Art, Ancestors, Ghosts & the Dead''

Protocinema is excited to announce Ilayda Tunca’s original typeface, made for and named after Art, Ancestors, Ghosts, & the Dead, our convening on attitudes toward death across cultures. Tunca’s font, the first ever typeface commissioned by Protocinema, is available OA (open access) with unrestricted use for everyone on Protocinema’s website here and Tunca’s artspace sub’s instagram.

In their own words, Tunca approaches text as an image: "If you squint, you can see a few letters dancing. I was following an idea to give each letter its own set of tiny hands." The effect is a unique font that embodies the transformative aspects of being in a physical body. "While designing the font, I used free serifs and forms that fit into each other without being tied to the axis. By using intentionally inconsistent structural methods, we are looking at sounds that recognize each other side by side with a few basic binding elements.”

Download the typeface:
Mac version
Microsoft version

Special Thanks to: Sadık Karamustafa, Burcu Dündar Venner, Berçem Gözde Ölmez, Mari Spirito, and Alper Turan

Ilayda Tunca
, (Eskişehir, Turkey, 1991) holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul. Working with artists, Ilayda has created many self-published projects. Since 2017, they have been living and working in Çanakkale, where they founded sub, an art space for intercultural structuring. Ilayda is programming participative/creative processes with local communities. Recent outcomes include sub-projects; collective performance Burial Service (2022), and a participatory poetry project Imminent Arrival (2023).