To the Extent

9 October 2016
Protocinema presents at Alt Bomonti, İstanbul
Duration: 30 minutes
Performers: Tarcin Celebi, Ilgün Ceylan, Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu, Derya Dinc, Eylul Dizdar, Cemrehan Karakaş, Irem Nalca, Gamze Öztürk, Ebru Sargın, Gültuğ Yenidoğan

To the Extent is a new live performance by artist Murat Adash. From a wall of living bodies to gestures of alignment, camouflage, isolation, and disappearance, To the Extent inquires into the sculptural potential of social relations.

In To the Extent, a group of performers moves between a set of corporeal constellations, establishing fluctuating stages of contact and division amongst each other and their audience. By exercising strategies of dispersion, re-assembly, and reciprocity, the performers build a complex accumulation of gestures and bodily compositions, within which the audience becomes complicit. As bodies are in a constant state of transformation, the performers both adapt to and interrupt their surroundings, thereby mapping alternative mechanisms of belonging. Through morphologies of physical arrangements in space, ranging from a wall of living bodies to gestures of alignment, camouflage, and disappearance, To the Extent attempts to inquire into the architectural potential of social relations – seeking to uncover the ways we exist in built spaces.