9 November 2016 - 30 November 2016
a.k.a. sound series
Age Reform (Berk Çakmakçı)
Em-El-Beat (Batool Mohamad)
Ritornell (Richard Eigner & Roman Gerold)
Ali İbrahim Öcal & Merve Şendil
curated by Asena Hayal
Protocinema presents at Alt Bomonti, İstanbul

Every Wednesday during November, at 19.30, a.k.a Performance Series will take place at Alt Art Space. The performance series will mainly focus on the sound projects of Berk Çakmakçı, Richard Eigner and Roman Gerold, Batool Mohamad and Ali İbrahim Öcal and Merve Şendil, who are known for their artistic practices in other disciplines. Curated by Asena Hayal, this exhibition, which will take the form of a series of concerts, will feature live performances by both local and international visual artists and artist music groups.

The artists in the a.k.a Performance Series show a plastic approach to sound and performance as a result of their visual art background. For example, Berk Çakmakçı, who took the stage under the name Age Reform, focuses on appropriation strategies, which is a common theme in pop music and familiar in contemporary art, by examining its cultural and technical dimensions. Similarly, Batool Mohamad, known as Em-El-Beat, brings analog sounds to electronic media. Combining recorded and machine-generated sounds, Em-El-Beat's performances underline the similarities of sound materials in these two categories.

Ritornell, the joint sound project of Richard Eigner and Roman Gerold, and Merve Şendil and Ali İbrahim Öcal evaluate the possibility of sculpting percussion. Combining drum beats with computer-generated variations of these beats, Ritornell draws on the audio-visual art practice of Eigner, who works almost exclusively with sound, and the professional experience of Gerold, a composer. Rhythmic qualities and arrangement of sound sequences are also prominent in the works of Merve Şendil and Ali İbrahim Öcal. While Öcal brings together water drops, traditional rhythm instruments and an instrument containing various sound sources, Şendil connects rhythms with his synth.


Wednesday, November 9, 19.30: Age Reform (Berk Çakmakçı)
Wednesday, November 16, 19:30: Em-El-Beat (Batool Mohamad)
Wednesday, November 23, 19:30: Ritornell (Richard Eigner and Roman Gerold)
Wednesday, November 30, 19.30: Merve Şendil and Ali İbrahim Öcal