Protocinema presents Running In Place, a group exhibition with Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, David Horvitz, Onur Karaoğlu, at & in partnership with Polat Piyalepaşa Çarşı, supported by the United States Mission – Turkey, opening to the public on Saturday, September 10. This exhibition convenes artworks on circulation of ideas, water and bodies along with their inherent contradictions. The artists in Running In Place occupy three positions-Santiago Muñoz’s is that of suspension, Horvitz’s of regulated mobility, and Karaoğlu’s of free-flowing forces of nature and imagination.


In September, Protocinema will launch Protodispatch with Ximena Garrido/Ishmael Randal Weeks, Jorge González (with Angela Brown) Kenya (Robinson), Avni Sethi, and Tiffany Sia (with Emilie Sin Yi Choi, Chan Tze-Woon). Protodispatch is a digital publication project, initiated by Laura Raicovich, commissioning artists’ dispatches on local and transcontinental concerns. Longer features and more concise reports will be released monthly via Protocinema and partner publications, such as, and others. Devoted to digging into the precaritites and celebrations of our times, Protodispatch presents provocations by artists’ and makers of culture that are not necessarily reflected in mainstream news sources. It invites artists living and working in different geographies to share their distinctive opinions and analyses of local urgencies in the form of texts, videos, and images. All content is available free of charge.