Independent, NY, booth A203

March 7 - 9, 2014

Ahmet Öğüt, Light Armored, 2006-2013, animation and sculpture

Mission driven art organization, participating in Independent, Art Fair 2014 - Preview Thu., March 6
booth A203

Can Altay
Nilbar Güreş
Jacob Kassay
Ahmet Öğüt

Founded in 2011, Protocinema is a mission driven (aka nonprofit) art organization that makes transnational, nomadic exhibitions in Istanbul and New York, with an Education Aspect. Site-Aware Exhibitions are presented in temporary and/or disused spaces, specific to each artist. Protocinema creates opportunities for emerging and established artists from all regions to realize new work and exhibit existing work in a variety of contexts that are open to the public, and accessible to a wide range of individuals. For more information: Please contact Mari Spirito, +90541 468 0214 or +117 660 7332, and visit us at