Emre Hüner, opening, Protocinema, New York, 2017, coproduced by Platform 0090 and Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, courtesy Rodeo, London; photo by Civan Özkanoğlu

Protocinema is an itinerant 501(c)3 art organization realizing site-aware exhibitions in different places in the world. We seek to open up dialogue and improve mutual understanding between individuals, across regions. Protocinema, named after a Werner Herzog observation of cave drawings, responds to the ways each of us understand and then represent our world-views; how we communicate and then what the result of that communication has the potential to be. Free of 'brick and mortar', sites vary to respond both to global concerns and changing conditions on the ground.

Board Members:
Sascha Bauer, Dillon Cohen, Haro Cumbuşyan, Jason Heard and Sheldon La Pierre

Advisory Committee:
Defne Ayas, Elif Bayoğlu, Tamara Corm, Koray Duman, Anne Ellegood, Kate Fowle, Lia Gangitano, Rose Lord, Öykü Özsoy, Renaud Proch, November Paynter, Tuçe Peksayar, Başak Şenova, Esra Sertoğlu.

Mari Spirito, Founding Director, Curator

+1917 660 7332, +90541 468 02 14

Ghaith Mofeed, Production Assistant

+90536 073 40 87